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Gunilla Carlsson

Minister for International Development Cooperation

 "Sweden proudly declares itself a g07 country and takes part in global leadership for development by living up to the international aid commitment of 0.7 per cent GNI. ..."  



Heikki Holmås

Minister of International Development                     

 "Norway’s aim is that a greater share of global capital flows should go to development. Innovative financing and new financial sources must be in addition to our aid commitment. ..."



Marie-Josée Jacobs

Minister for Development Cooperation & Humanitarian Affairs 

 Luxembourg is determined to stick to the 0.7% commitment it made twenty years ago in Rio, and I take the opportunity to invite other countries to follow our example. ...



Christian Friis Bach

Minister for Development Cooperation                     

 "0.7 is not just a number. It is a testament to our stake in the partnership with developing countries towards eradicating global poverty and achieving the MDGs. ..."  

United Kingdom


Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister


 "Britain is sticking to its long standing promise on aid. We urge other countries to set out how they will join us. ..."